for sale apartment Tomar (region in province Santarém)

Apartment for sale in Portugal in the region of Tomar in the province of Santarém . We have found 5 objects.

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Tomar Tomar apartment picture 180735

apartment Tomar


€ 122.500 Great buy in Tomar only 122500 euro. Apartment for sale under reference DH.l.1316.14188. In Tomar nice property for sale...

Maxial Tomar apartment picture 172161

apartment Maxial


€ 137.000 Buying a Apartment with a surface of 119 m2 in Santarém. For Sale apartment in Maxial. Apartment with splendid...

Quinta do Licas Tomar apartment picture 172164

apartment Quinta do Licas


€ 138.000 Buying a Apartment with a surface of 106 m2 in Santarém. In portugal with postcode 2300-328 for sale splendid...

Atrás dos Tanques Tomar apartment picture 136459

apartment Atrás dos Tanques


€ 86.700 In portugal with postcode 2300-444 for sale splendid property. Property in Atrás dos Tanques (Tomar) presented by real estate...

Quinta do Alto da Silveira Tomar apartment picture 145008

apartment Quinta do Alto da Silveira


€ 210.000 Buy this apartment in the region Tomar. Property in Quinta do Alto da Silveira (Tomar) presented by real estate...