for sale property Mealhada (region in province Aveiro)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Mealhada in the province of Aveiro . We have found 35 objects.

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Antes Mealhada apartment picture 139056

apartment Antes


€ 135.000 Property in Antes (Mealhada) presented by real estate agent Cn Santa Maria Feira. For Sale apartment in Antes. Apartment...


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Luso Mealhada apartment picture 135636

apartment Luso


€ 100.000 Buy this apartment in the region Mealhada. In Mealhada, apartment with 2 rooms. In Luso nice property for sale...

Mealhada Mealhada terrain picture 4988

terrain Mealhada


€ 32.500 Buying a Terrain with a surface of 262 m2 in Aveiro. For Sale terrain in Mealhada. In Mealhada nice...

Mealhada Mealhada commercial picture 1665

commercial Mealhada


€ 48.000 For Sale commercial in Mealhada. Buy this commercial in the region Mealhada. Buying a Commercial with a surface of...

Póvoa da Mealhada Mealhada detached house picture 1210

detached house Póvoa da Mealhada


€ 57.500 For Sale detached house in Póvoa da Mealhada. Buying a Detached House with a surface of 93 m2 in...

Luso Mealhada farm picture 809

farm Luso


€ 1.275.000 Farm for sale under reference OHPT4246. Farm with splendid garden or terrain of 3188 m2. Great buy in Luso...

Vacariça Mealhada house picture 128670

house Vacariça


€ 318.600 In Mealhada, house with 4 rooms. House for sale under reference CF-318-798. Great buy in Vacariça only 318600 euro....

Barcouço Mealhada terrain picture 118722

terrain Barcouço


€ 40.000 Buying a Terrain with a surface of 2130 m2 in Aveiro. Terrain for sale under reference 244-T-00256. In portugal...

Casal Comba Mealhada house picture 114042

house Casal Comba


€ 119.000 In Mealhada, house with 3 rooms. Great buy in Casal Comba only 119000 euro. In portugal with postcode 3050-151...

Barcouço Mealhada house picture 118749

house Barcouço


€ 750.000 Buying a House with a surface of 900 m2 in Aveiro. In Barcouço nice property for sale in Aveiro....

Casal Comba Mealhada house picture 97490

house Casal Comba


€ 45.000 House for sale under reference 880/2019. House with splendid garden or terrain of 160 m2. Buying a House with...