for sale property Vinhais (region in province Bragança)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Vinhais in the province of Bragança . We have found 4 objects.

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Vinhais Vinhais hotel restaurant picture 2324

hotel restaurant Vinhais


€ 490.000 Hotel Restaurant for sale under reference OHPT5780. Property in Vinhais (Vinhais) presented by real estate agent Optimhome. Great buy...


Vale das Fontes Vinhais house picture 77048

house Vale das Fontes


€ 350.000 For Sale house in Vale das Fontes. In Vinhais, house with 4 rooms. In portugal with postcode 5335-134 for...

Vilar de Ossos Vinhais house picture 17055

house Vilar de Ossos


€ 30.000 For Sale house in Vilar de Ossos. Buy this house in the region Vinhais. Property in Vilar de Ossos...

Vinhais Vinhais house picture 12301

house Vinhais


€ 490.000 House for sale under reference N-OHPT5780. For Sale house in Vinhais. Buy this house in the region Vinhais. Buying...


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