for sale property Oleiros (region in province Castelo Branco)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Oleiros in the province of Castelo Branco . We have found 4 objects.

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Madeirã Oleiros terrain picture 145149

terrain Madeirã


€ 45.000 Terrain with splendid garden or terrain of 5390 m2. Buy this terrain in the region Oleiros. Terrain for sale...


Álvaro Oleiros house picture 145183

house Álvaro


€ 84.000 In Álvaro nice property for sale in Castelo Branco. Great buy in Álvaro only 84000 euro. Property in Álvaro...

Amieira Oleiros house picture 145174

house Amieira


€ 60.000 Property in Amieira (Oleiros) presented by real estate agent Previreferência - Mediação Imobiliária Lda. In portugal with postcode 6160-052...

Cambas Oleiros house picture 40906

house Cambas


€ 25.000 In portugal with postcode 6185-215 for sale splendid property. In Cambas nice property for sale in Castelo Branco. In...