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Property for sale in Portugal in the province of Faro . We have found 6781 objects.

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Faro Faro apartment picture 140004

apartment Faro


€ 149.000 Apartment for sale under reference 53. In Faro, apartment with 3 rooms. Great buy in Faro only 149000 euro....


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Properties in the regions Aveiro, Figueira Da Foz, Guarda, Lisboa and Viseu.

Estombar Lagoa (Algarve) apartment picture 139971

apartment Estombar

Lagoa (Algarve)

€ 155.000 Great buy in Estombar only 155000 euro. For Sale apartment in Estombar. In portugal with postcode 8400-045 for sale...

Gambelas Faro terrain picture 140003

terrain Gambelas


€ 45.000 Terrain for sale under reference 40. Terrain with splendid garden or terrain of 87870 m2. In portugal with postcode...

Carvoeiro Lagoa (Algarve) villa picture 139970

villa Carvoeiro

Lagoa (Algarve)

€ 250.000 Property in Carvoeiro (Lagoa (Algarve)) presented by real estate agent Girasol Homes. Great buy in Carvoeiro only 250000 euro....

Faro Faro terrain picture 140000

terrain Faro


€ 430.000 For Sale terrain in Faro. In portugal with postcode 8004-013 for sale splendid property. Terrain with splendid garden or...

Lombos Lagoa (Algarve) apartment picture 139969

apartment Lombos

Lagoa (Algarve)

€ 210.000 In Lagoa (Algarve), apartment with 2 rooms. In Lombos nice property for sale in Faro. Apartment for sale under...

Carrasca Lagoa (Algarve) villa picture 139968

villa Carrasca

Lagoa (Algarve)

€ 1.750.000 Villa has 4 nice bedrooms. Villa with splendid garden or terrain of 864 m2. In Carrasca nice property for...

Ferragudo Lagoa (Algarve) house picture 139955

house Ferragudo

Lagoa (Algarve)

€ 220.000 Buying a House with a surface of 144 m2 in Faro. In Lagoa (Algarve), house with 3 rooms. Great...

Ferragudo Lagoa (Algarve) apartment picture 139973

apartment Ferragudo

Lagoa (Algarve)

€ 120.000 For Sale apartment in Ferragudo. In Lagoa (Algarve), apartment with 1 rooms. In portugal with postcode 8400-214 for sale...

Ferragudo Lagoa (Algarve) apartment picture 139972

apartment Ferragudo

Lagoa (Algarve)

€ 189.000 Buy this apartment in the region Lagoa (Algarve). Apartment has 1 nice bedrooms. For Sale apartment in Ferragudo. In...

Estombar Lagoa (Algarve) villa picture 139966

villa Estombar

Lagoa (Algarve)

€ 199.000 Villa has 2 nice bedrooms. Villa for sale under reference 557872. In Estombar nice property for sale in Faro....