for sale property Seia (region in province Guarda)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Seia in the province of Guarda . We have found 6 objects.

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Tourais Seia terrain picture 154594

terrain Tourais


€ 109.000 For Sale terrain in Tourais. Buying a Terrain with a surface of 318 m2 in Guarda. Terrain for sale...


São Romão Seia house picture 148551

house São Romão


€ 249.000 Buying a House with a surface of 385 m2 in Guarda. In Seia, house with 4 rooms. House with...

Girabolhos Seia house picture 133078

house Girabolhos


€ 85.000 In portugal with postcode 6270-051 for sale splendid property. Buy this house in the region Seia. Property in Girabolhos...

Lapa dos Dinheiros Seia terrain picture 89979

terrain Lapa dos Dinheiros


€ 35.000 Property in Lapa dos Dinheiros (Seia) presented by real estate agent Loja 04 - Vila Lusa - Viseu. Buying...

Lapa dos Dinheiros Seia house picture 89978

house Lapa dos Dinheiros


€ 70.000 For Sale house in Lapa dos Dinheiros. Buying a House with a surface of 110 m2 in Guarda. In...

Pinhanços Seia house picture 12441

house Pinhanços


€ 120.000 Buy this house in the region Seia. House for sale under reference viseu/M/00935. Property in Pinhanços (Seia) presented by...