for sale property Santana (region in province Ilha da Madeira)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Santana in the province of Ilha da Madeira . We have found 17 objects.

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Eira de Cima Santana terrain picture 129029

terrain Eira de Cima


€ 50.000 Buying a Terrain with a surface of 616 m2 in Ilha da Madeira. In portugal with postcode 9230-092 for...


Anadvise Imóveis

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Curral Velho Santana apartment picture 5244

apartment Curral Velho


€ 174.500 In Curral Velho nice property for sale in Ilha da Madeira. Great buy in Curral Velho only 174500 euro....

Arco de São Jorge Santana building picture 116502

building Arco de São Jorge


€ 150.000 In portugal with postcode 9230-011 for sale splendid property. Buying a Building with a surface of 185 m2 in...

Pico das Pedras Santana house picture 115912

house Pico das Pedras


€ 182.000 In Santana, house with 2 rooms. Great buy in Pico das Pedras only 182000 euro. For Sale house in...

Fajã do Cedro Gordo Santana terrain picture 114687

terrain Fajã do Cedro Gordo


€ 416.000 Great buy in Fajã do Cedro Gordo only 416000 euro. For Sale terrain in Fajã do Cedro Gordo. Terrain...

Pico Santana house picture 106291

house Pico


€ 150.000 For Sale house in Pico. In portugal with postcode 9230-208 for sale splendid property. Property in Pico (Santana) presented...

Ribeira da Quinta Santana terrain picture 106228

terrain Ribeira da Quinta


€ 87.000 Great buy in Ribeira da Quinta only 87000 euro. Terrain for sale under reference 2540 (28744054). Buying a Terrain...

Farrobo de Cima Santana house picture 101787

house Farrobo de Cima


€ 110.000 Property in Farrobo de Cima (Santana) presented by real estate agent Gesarrenda Funchal. In Santana, house with 4 rooms....

Tanque Santana house picture 97855

house Tanque


€ 150.000 In portugal with postcode 9230-168 for sale splendid property. In Tanque nice property for sale in Ilha da Madeira....

Atalho Santana house picture 65338

house Atalho


€ 66.000 Property in Atalho (Santana) presented by real estate agent Imóveis Da Banca - Caixa Geral Depósitos. For Sale house...

Lombo do Pico Santana house picture 65337

house Lombo do Pico


€ 55.000 Buying a House with a surface of 91 m2 in Ilha da Madeira. House for sale under reference 00209978/02016078....