for sale property Lajes Do Pico (region in province Ilha do Pico)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Lajes Do Pico in the province of Ilha do Pico . We have found 2 objects.

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Cruz Lajes Do Pico terrain picture 19355

terrain Cruz

Lajes Do Pico

€ 27.500 Property in Cruz (Lajes Do Pico) presented by real estate agent A. Machado - Soc. Med. Imobiliária, Lda.. Buying...


Piedade Lajes Do Pico terrain picture 19232

terrain Piedade

Lajes Do Pico

€ 64.000 In portugal with postcode 9930-204 for sale splendid property. Great buy in Piedade only 64000 euro. Property in Piedade...