for sale property Felgueiras (region in province Porto)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Felgueiras in the province of Porto . We have found 98 objects.

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Lama Felgueiras terrain picture 137763

terrain Lama


€ 75.000 Buying a Terrain with a surface of 1250 m2 in Porto. Terrain for sale under reference MP0252T. Property in...


Vila Verde Felgueiras commercial picture 5360

commercial Vila Verde


€ 69.500 Buying a Commercial with a surface of 76 m2 in Porto. Buy this commercial in the region Felgueiras. Property...

Santão Felgueiras house picture 133640

house Santão


€ 63.000 Buy this house in the region Felgueiras. House with splendid garden or terrain of 60 m2. Great buy in...

Santão Felgueiras house picture 133413

house Santão


€ 176.000 For Sale house in Santão. In Felgueiras, house with 4 rooms. Great buy in Santão only 176000 euro. Buying...

Airães Felgueiras terrain picture 5004

terrain Airães


€ 39.500 In portugal with postcode 4650-097 for sale splendid property. For Sale terrain in Airães. Buying a Terrain with a...

Vizela ( São Jorge) Felgueiras shop picture 3457

shop Vizela ( São Jorge)


€ 31.500 Great buy in Vizela ( São Jorge) only 31500 euro. In Vizela ( São Jorge) nice property for sale...

Varziela Felgueiras commercial picture 3454

commercial Varziela


€ 34.000 Property in Varziela (Felgueiras) presented by real estate agent Optimhome. In Varziela nice property for sale in Porto. In...

Felgueiras Felgueiras shop picture 3404

shop Felgueiras


€ 118.500 In Felgueiras nice property for sale in Porto. Property in Felgueiras (Felgueiras) presented by real estate agent Optimhome. Buy...

Aião Felgueiras house picture 132635

house Aião


€ 147.000 For Sale house in Aião. Buying a House with a surface of 5500 m2 in Porto. In portugal with...

Borba de Godim Felgueiras apartment picture 134165

apartment Borba de Godim


€ 100.000 Buy this apartment in the region Felgueiras. Great buy in Borba de Godim only 100000 euro. In Felgueiras, apartment...

Lordelo Felgueiras commercial picture 1839

commercial Lordelo


€ 456.500 Property in Lordelo (Felgueiras) presented by real estate agent Optimhome. Buying a Commercial with a surface of 49 m2...


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