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Property for sale in Portugal in the province of Santarém . We have found 2789 objects.

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Abrã Santarém house picture 148024

house Abrã


€ 225.000 House for sale under reference 00244-20. Buy this house in the region Santarém. Property in Abrã (Santarém) presented by...


Santarém Santarém house picture 148023

house Santarém


€ 286.550 In Santarém nice property for sale in Santarém. For Sale house in Santarém. Great buy in Santarém only 286550...

Vila Nova Santarém house picture 148020

house Vila Nova


€ 45.000 House has 3 nice bedrooms. House with splendid garden or terrain of 108 m2. In Vila Nova nice property...

Casais das Archeiras Santarém house picture 148022

house Casais das Archeiras


€ 87.500 House with splendid garden or terrain of 110 m2. In Santarém, house with 2 rooms. House for sale under...

Chã de Baixo Santarém house picture 148021

house Chã de Baixo


€ 107.500 For Sale house in Chã de Baixo. In Santarém, house with 3 rooms. In Chã de Baixo nice property...

Casal do Rasga Santarém estate picture 148018

estate Casal do Rasga


€ 130.000 Great buy in Casal do Rasga only 130000 euro. In Casal do Rasga nice property for sale in Santarém....

Lamarosa Santarém estate picture 148017

estate Lamarosa


€ 100.000 Buying a Estate with a surface of 151 m2 in Santarém. Buy this estate in the region Santarém. Estate...

Arneiro de Tremês Santarém apartment picture 148016

apartment Arneiro de Tremês


€ 125.000 Great buy in Arneiro de Tremês only 125000 euro. In Santarém, apartment with 2 rooms. For Sale apartment in...

Ribeira de Santarém Santarém house picture 148015

house Ribeira de Santarém


€ 295.000 House with splendid garden or terrain of 5000 m2. House for sale under reference Mor100141. For Sale house in...

Valverde Santarém terrain picture 140392

terrain Valverde


€ 65.000 In portugal with postcode 2025-206 for sale splendid property. Property in Valverde (Santarém) presented by real estate agent Girasol...

Cartaxo Cartaxo house picture 147830

house Cartaxo


€ 18.000 In Cartaxo, house with 2 rooms. Buying a House with a surface of 88 m2 in Santarém. House for...