for sale property Ourém (region in province Santarém)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Ourém in the province of Santarém . We have found 73 objects.

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Sobral Ourém terrain picture 5068

terrain Sobral


€ 24.000 In Sobral nice property for sale in Santarém. For Sale terrain in Sobral. Great buy in Sobral only 24000...


Anadvise Imóveis

Properties in the regions Aveiro, Figueira Da Foz, Guarda, Lisboa and Viseu.

Lagoa do Grou Ourém commercial picture 3164

commercial Lagoa do Grou


€ 42.500 Buy this commercial in the region Ourém. Buying a Commercial with a surface of 364 m2 in Santarém. In...

Fátima Ourém shop picture 2894

shop Fátima


€ 89.500 Property in Fátima (Ourém) presented by real estate agent Optimhome. For Sale shop in Fátima. Buying a Shop with...

Chã Ourém apartment picture 2883

apartment Chã


€ 102.000 For Sale apartment in Chã. Buying a Apartment with a surface of 141 m2 in Santarém. In Chã nice...

Chã Ourém detached house picture 2829

detached house Chã


€ 597.000 In portugal with postcode 2435-088 for sale splendid property. Buy this detached house in the region Ourém. Property in...

Pisão do Oleiro Ourém detached house picture 2720

detached house Pisão do Oleiro


€ 114.000 For Sale detached house in Pisão do Oleiro. Great buy in Pisão do Oleiro only 114000 euro. In portugal...

Casais dos Montes Ourém house picture 111700

house Casais dos Montes


€ 156.500 Great buy in Casais dos Montes only 156500 euro. Buy this house in the region Ourém. In Casais dos...

Ourém Ourém detached house picture 659

detached house Ourém


€ 333.000 Buying a Detached House with a surface of 593 m2 in Santarém. Detached House for sale under reference WLGAA2295....

Fátima Ourém house picture 110507

house Fátima


€ 330.000 In Fátima nice property for sale in Santarém. House for sale under reference 09100904. Buy this house in the...

Fátima Ourém apartment picture 106926

apartment Fátima


€ 40.000 In portugal with postcode 2495-667 for sale splendid property. In Fátima nice property for sale in Santarém. Property in...

Fátima Ourém apartment picture 106925

apartment Fátima


€ 65.000 Property in Fátima (Ourém) presented by real estate agent Rbimóveis. Great buy in Fátima only 65000 euro. Buy this...




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