for sale property Sabrosa (region in province Vila Real)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Sabrosa in the province of Vila Real . We have found 31 objects.

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Paços Sabrosa house picture 132359

house Paços


€ 290.000 In Sabrosa, house with 6 rooms. In Paços nice property for sale in Vila Real. House with splendid garden...


Gouvinhas Sabrosa house picture 131772

house Gouvinhas


€ 5.000.000 For Sale house in Gouvinhas. In portugal with postcode 5060-052 for sale splendid property. House with splendid garden or...

Paços Sabrosa terrain picture 119306

terrain Paços


€ 300.000 In Paços nice property for sale in Vila Real. Buy this terrain in the region Sabrosa. For Sale terrain...

Torre do Pinhão Sabrosa terrain picture 77024

terrain Torre do Pinhão


price on request For Sale terrain in Torre do Pinhão. Great buy in Torre do Pinhão only 0 euro. Terrain with splendid...

Sabrosa Sabrosa terrain picture 96138

terrain Sabrosa


€ 295.000 In Sabrosa nice property for sale in Vila Real. Property in Sabrosa (Sabrosa) presented by real estate agent Jaime...

Provesende Sabrosa terrain picture 89966

terrain Provesende


€ 55.000 Buy this terrain in the region Sabrosa. Buying a Terrain with a surface of 85 m2 in Vila Real....

Torre do Pinhão Sabrosa house picture 89515

house Torre do Pinhão


€ 35.000 For Sale house in Torre do Pinhão. In portugal with postcode 5060-581 for sale splendid property. Property in Torre...

Pinhão Sabrosa house picture 89466

house Pinhão


€ 76.000 For Sale house in Pinhão. Buying a House with a surface of 65 m2 in Vila Real. Great buy...

Covas do Douro Sabrosa house picture 82889

house Covas do Douro


€ 160.000 In portugal with postcode 5085-205 for sale splendid property. Great buy in Covas do Douro only 160000 euro. House...

Paços Sabrosa house picture 23815

house Paços


€ 500.000 House with splendid garden or terrain of 20000 m2. Buy this house in the region Sabrosa. In portugal with...

Provesende Sabrosa house picture 23814

house Provesende


€ 350.000 For Sale house in Provesende. Property in Provesende (Sabrosa) presented by real estate agent Permucasa - Soc. Med. Imobiliária,...