for sale property Penedono (region in province Viseu)

Property for sale in Portugal in the region of Penedono in the province of Viseu . We have found 6 objects.

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Souto Penedono terrain picture 79887

terrain Souto


€ 140.000 Property in Souto (Penedono) presented by real estate agent Comprarcasa Viseu Rossio. Buy this terrain in the region Penedono....


Castainço Penedono terrain picture 79853

terrain Castainço


€ 40.000 In Castainço nice property for sale in Viseu. Great buy in Castainço only 40000 euro. Terrain for sale under...

Beselga Penedono house picture 64866

house Beselga


€ 90.000 For Sale house in Beselga. In portugal with postcode 3630-043 for sale splendid property. Buying a House with a...

Penela da Beira Penedono terrain picture 4784

terrain Penela da Beira


€ 45.000 Terrain with splendid garden or terrain of 900 m2. Terrain for sale under reference FR10552. Buy this terrain in...

Penedono Penedono terrain picture 4725

terrain Penedono


€ 14.500 Great buy in Penedono only 14500 euro. For Sale terrain in Penedono. In portugal with postcode 3630-227 for sale...

Penela da Beira Penedono house picture 4720

house Penela da Beira


€ 87.500 In Penela da Beira nice property for sale in Viseu. Property in Penela da Beira (Penedono) presented by real...




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