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Casa Simpática - Mediação Imob. Unip., Lda

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Praça da República, 151 - Lj G24-São Cosme
7406 Portugal

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Ermesinde Valongo apartment picture 210097

apartment Ermesinde


€ 188.662 Property in Ermesinde (Valongo) presented by real estate agent Casa Simpática - Mediação Imob. Unip., Lda. Apartment for sale...


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Fânzeres Gondomar apartment picture 210096

apartment Fânzeres


€ 260.000 Great buy in Fânzeres only 260000 euro. Buy this apartment in the region Gondomar. Buying a Apartment with a...

Fânzeres Gondomar apartment picture 210095

apartment Fânzeres


€ 242.500 In Gondomar, apartment with 3 rooms. Property in Fânzeres (Gondomar) presented by real estate agent Casa Simpática - Mediação...

Fânzeres Gondomar house picture 210094

house Fânzeres


€ 170.000 In portugal with postcode 4510-707 for sale splendid property. House with splendid garden or terrain of 94 m2. Buy...

Fânzeres Gondomar apartment picture 210093

apartment Fânzeres


€ 230.000 Apartment for sale under reference CS533-E(1). Buying a Apartment with a surface of 102 m2 in Porto. Great buy...

Lordelo Felgueiras apartment picture 210092

apartment Lordelo


€ 545.000 For Sale apartment in Lordelo. Apartment with splendid garden or terrain of 106 m2. In Felgueiras, apartment with 3...

Ermesinde Valongo house picture 210091

house Ermesinde


€ 950.000 Buy this house in the region Valongo. House for sale under reference CS2031. For Sale house in Ermesinde. In...

Gondomar Gondomar terrain picture 210090

terrain Gondomar


€ 130.000 Great buy in Gondomar only 130000 euro. Property in Gondomar (Gondomar) presented by real estate agent Casa Simpática -...

Alfena Valongo terrain picture 210089

terrain Alfena


€ 175.000 In portugal with postcode 4445-267 for sale splendid property. In Alfena nice property for sale in Porto. Buy this...

Gondomar Gondomar house picture 210088

house Gondomar


€ 280.000 Buying a House with a surface of 159 m2 in Porto. In portugal with postcode 4420-100 for sale splendid...

Linhares Carrazeda De Ansiães house picture 210086

house Linhares

Carrazeda De Ansiães

€ 60.000 Great buy in Linhares only 60000 euro. In portugal with postcode 5140-154 for sale splendid property. Buying a House...