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Coimbra Coimbra house picture 101242

house Coimbra


€ 298.000 In portugal with postcode 3040-387 for sale splendid property. House with splendid garden or terrain of 140 m2. Buying...


Aveiro Aveiro terrain picture 129252

terrain Aveiro


€ 20.000 For Sale terrain in Aveiro. Buy this terrain in the region Aveiro. Terrain for sale under reference FRT10711. In...

Aveiro Aveiro house picture 129245

house Aveiro


€ 50.000 House with splendid garden or terrain of 1500 m2. House for sale under reference FRT10691. For Sale house in...

Cadaval Águeda villa picture 128173

villa Cadaval


€ 280.000 Great buy in Cadaval only 280000 euro. Buying a Villa with a surface of 153 m2 in Aveiro. In...

Alcobaça Alcobaça villa picture 128162

villa Alcobaça


€ 145.000 Great buy in Alcobaça only 145000 euro. Villa with splendid garden or terrain of 6951 m2. In Alcobaça, villa...

Alcobaça Alcobaça villa picture 128161

villa Alcobaça


€ 165.000 In Alcobaça, villa with 3 rooms. Buying a Villa with a surface of 193 m2 in Leiria. Villa with...

Peniche Peniche villa picture 128154

villa Peniche


€ 155.000 Great buy in Peniche only 155000 euro. In portugal with postcode 2520-612 for sale splendid property. Villa for sale...

Baleal Peniche villa picture 126640

villa Baleal


€ 90.000 In portugal with postcode 2520-191 for sale splendid property. For Sale villa in Baleal. Villa has 3 nice bedrooms....

Bombarral Bombarral villa picture 126637

villa Bombarral


€ 90.000 In Bombarral, villa with 2 rooms. For Sale villa in Bombarral. In Bombarral nice property for sale in Leiria....

Bombarral Bombarral villa picture 126653

villa Bombarral


€ 370.000 Great buy in Bombarral only 370000 euro. Property in Bombarral (Bombarral) presented by real estate agent Girasol Homes. Villa...

São Martinho do Porto Alcobaça villa picture 126636

villa São Martinho do Porto


€ 395.000 Buying a Villa with a surface of 240 m2 in Leiria. Villa for sale under reference 549601. Villa with...


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