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Cn Rio Tinto

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Avenida da Conduta, 86
7142 Portugal

properties from Cn Rio Tinto

Campo Valongo house picture 154796

house Campo


€ 580.000 Property in Campo (Valongo) presented by real estate agent Cn Rio Tinto. Buying a House with a surface of...

Gondomar Gondomar house picture 154794

house Gondomar


€ 70.000 For Sale house in Gondomar. House for sale under reference RT/01472. Great buy in Gondomar only 70000 euro. Property...

Rio Tinto Gondomar house picture 154791

house Rio Tinto


€ 136.500 House with splendid garden or terrain of 153 m2. In portugal with postcode 4435-841 for sale splendid property. Buying...

Fregim Amarante terrain picture 154787

terrain Fregim


€ 50.000 Buying a Terrain with a surface of 5620 m2 in Porto. Terrain for sale under reference RT/01460. Property in...

Padronelo Amarante terrain picture 154786

terrain Padronelo


€ 5.000 Property in Padronelo (Amarante) presented by real estate agent Cn Rio Tinto. Terrain with splendid garden or terrain of...

Azurara Vila Do Conde apartment picture 154783

apartment Azurara

Vila Do Conde

€ 220.000 In Vila Do Conde, apartment with 2 rooms. In portugal with postcode 4480-168 for sale splendid property. Apartment with...

Valongo Valongo house picture 154799

house Valongo


€ 475.000 Buy this house in the region Valongo. Great buy in Valongo only 475000 euro. Buying a House with a...

Valongo Valongo house picture 154798

house Valongo


€ 285.000 Property in Valongo (Valongo) presented by real estate agent Cn Rio Tinto. For Sale house in Valongo. House with...

São Pedro Nordeste apartment picture 154797

apartment São Pedro


€ 98.000 Buy this apartment in the region Nordeste. Apartment for sale under reference RT/01474. In Nordeste, apartment with 2 rooms....

Baguim do Monte Gondomar apartment picture 154795

apartment Baguim do Monte


€ 115.000 Buying a Apartment with a surface of 67 m2 in Porto. Great buy in Baguim do Monte only 115000...

São Mamede de Infesta Matosinhos house picture 154793

house São Mamede de Infesta


€ 580.000 Buy this house in the region Matosinhos. In portugal with postcode 4465-084 for sale splendid property. Buying a House...




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