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Domum Douro

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Rua do Agueiro, 97-5A,
4400-004 Vila Nova De Gaia

properties from Domum Douro

Eira Amarante apartment picture 106887

apartment Eira


€ 230.000 Apartment for sale under reference DDPRTMS102. In Eira nice property for sale in Porto. In portugal with postcode 4615-030...


Gondomar Gondomar building picture 106884

building Gondomar


€ 580.000 For Sale building in Gondomar. In Gondomar nice property for sale in Porto. In portugal with postcode 4420-219 for...

Santo Tirso Santo Tirso building picture 106881

building Santo Tirso

Santo Tirso

€ 450.000 For Sale building in Santo Tirso. Buy this building in the region Santo Tirso. Buying a Building with a...

Lordelo Felgueiras shop picture 106879

shop Lordelo


€ 86.900 In portugal with postcode 4650-228 for sale splendid property. For Sale shop in Lordelo. Great buy in Lordelo only...

Canelas Penafiel apartment picture 106878

apartment Canelas


€ 140.000 Buy this apartment in the region Penafiel. For Sale apartment in Canelas. Great buy in Canelas only 140000 euro....

Almas Vila Do Porto house picture 115972

house Almas

Vila Do Porto

€ 690.000 Property in Almas (Vila Do Porto) presented by real estate agent Domum Douro. For Sale house in Almas. Buy...

Paúl de Baixo Vila Do Porto apartment picture 115973

apartment Paúl de Baixo

Vila Do Porto

€ 240.000 Apartment with splendid garden or terrain of 90 m2. Buy this apartment in the region Vila Do Porto. In...

Vilar Amarante house picture 106888

house Vilar


€ 130.000 Great buy in Vilar only 130000 euro. In portugal with postcode 4600-614 for sale splendid property. In Vilar nice...

Vilar Amarante apartment picture 106886

apartment Vilar


€ 243.900 Buying a Apartment with a surface of 242 m2 in Porto. Property in Vilar (Amarante) presented by real estate...

Sandim Vila Nova De Gaia apartment picture 106885

apartment Sandim

Vila Nova De Gaia

€ 230.000 In portugal with postcode 4415-827 for sale splendid property. For Sale apartment in Sandim. Buy this apartment in the...

Valadares Baião house picture 106883

house Valadares


€ 390.000 Great buy in Valadares only 390000 euro. In Baião, house with 5 rooms. Property in Valadares (Baião) presented by...



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