property Emimota - Med. Imob. Unip., Lda.

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Emimota - Med. Imob. Unip., Lda.

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Rua de Santa Luzia, 5 K
2597 Portugal

properties from Emimota - Med. Imob. Unip., Lda.

Pelariga Pombal terrain picture 29313

terrain Pelariga


€ 35.000 Property in Pelariga (Pombal) presented by real estate agent Emimota - Med. Imob. Unip., Lda.. Great buy in Pelariga...


Memória Leiria house picture 24484

house Memória


€ 175.000 Buy this house in the region Leiria. House for sale under reference 00013. For Sale house in Memória. In...

Albergaria dos Doze Pombal terrain picture 24483

terrain Albergaria dos Doze


€ 22.500 Great buy in Albergaria dos Doze only 22500 euro. Terrain for sale under reference 00012. Buying a Terrain with...

Soure Soure house picture 24482

house Soure


€ 225.000 Great buy in Soure only 225000 euro. In Soure, house with 3 rooms. In portugal with postcode 3130-999 for...

Pombal Pombal apartment picture 24481

apartment Pombal


€ 86.000 Buying a Apartment with a surface of 60 m2 in Leiria. Apartment with splendid garden or terrain of 60...

Marinha Grande Marinha Grande apartment picture 24480

apartment Marinha Grande

Marinha Grande

price on request In Marinha Grande nice property for sale in Leiria. Buy this apartment in the region Marinha Grande. Great buy...

Buarcos Figueira Da Foz apartment picture 24479

apartment Buarcos

Figueira Da Foz

€ 110.000 Great buy in Buarcos only 110000 euro. For Sale apartment in Buarcos. In Buarcos nice property for sale in...

Pombal Pombal apartment picture 24478

apartment Pombal


€ 65.000 Apartment for sale under reference 00006. Buy this apartment in the region Pombal. Property in Pombal (Pombal) presented by...

Pombal Pombal house picture 24477

house Pombal


€ 130.000 Great buy in Pombal only 130000 euro. Property in Pombal (Pombal) presented by real estate agent Emimota - Med....

Pombal Pombal house picture 24475

house Pombal


€ 235.000 In portugal with postcode 3100-515 for sale splendid property. For Sale house in Pombal. In Pombal nice property for...

Albergaria dos Doze Pombal house picture 24474

house Albergaria dos Doze


€ 220.000 Buying a House with a surface of 295 m2 in Leiria. House for sale under reference 00002. For Sale...




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