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Habita Imobiliária

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Rua Dr. Estevam de Vasconcelos, nº 39 – 2º Fte.
2900-356 Setúbal

properties from Habita Imobiliária

Santo André Barreiro apartment picture 193524

apartment Santo André


€ 135.000 Apartment for sale under reference 11/2021. Great buy in Santo André only 135000 euro. Property in Santo André (Barreiro)...


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Fernão Ferro Seixal terrain picture 191572

terrain Fernão Ferro


€ 44.500 Great buy in Fernão Ferro only 44500 euro. Terrain for sale under reference 49/2020. In portugal with postcode 2865-550...

Carvalhal Grândola apartment picture 191571

apartment Carvalhal


€ 415.000 Buy this apartment in the region Grândola. For Sale apartment in Carvalhal. Great buy in Carvalhal only 415000 euro....

Quinta do Anjo Palmela house picture 191570

house Quinta do Anjo


€ 325.000 In portugal with postcode 2950-597 for sale splendid property. House with splendid garden or terrain of 357 m2. House...

Craveira do Norte Montijo apartment picture 191569

apartment Craveira do Norte


€ 189.500 In Craveira do Norte nice property for sale in Setúbal. Apartment for sale under reference 8/2021. Buying a Apartment...

Sesimbra Sesimbra apartment picture 191568

apartment Sesimbra


€ 92.500 Great buy in Sesimbra only 92500 euro. Property in Sesimbra (Sesimbra) presented by real estate agent Habita Imobiliária. In...

Azeitão Setúbal building picture 145576

building Azeitão


€ 99.000 Building for sale under reference 29/2020. Building with splendid garden or terrain of 65 m2. In Azeitão nice property...

Azeitão Setúbal apartment picture 145302

apartment Azeitão


€ 92.500 Property in Azeitão (Setúbal) presented by real estate agent Habita Imobiliária. Great buy in Azeitão only 92500 euro. Apartment...

Setúbal Setúbal apartment picture 155729

apartment Setúbal


€ 185.000 For Sale apartment in Setúbal. In Setúbal, apartment with 3 rooms. Great buy in Setúbal only 185000 euro. In...

Setúbal Setúbal shop picture 153715

shop Setúbal


€ 77.000 Great buy in Setúbal only 77000 euro. Buy this shop in the region Setúbal. For Sale shop in Setúbal....

Setúbal Setúbal commercial picture 150824

commercial Setúbal


€ 299.000 Great buy in Setúbal only 299000 euro. Commercial for sale under reference 44/2020. Buying a Commercial with a surface...