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Imo2007 Lisboa

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Rua Tierno Galvan, Torre 3, 5º Piso, Sala 502
7774 Portugal

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Lisboa Lisbon house picture 154631

house Lisbon


€ 595.000 House for sale under reference LG0669. In Lisbon nice property for sale in Lisbon. For Sale house in Lisbon....

Sapataria Sobral De Monte Agraço terrain picture 154630

terrain Sapataria

Sobral De Monte Agraço

€ 160.500 In Sapataria nice property for sale in Lisbon. Buying a Terrain with a surface of 2000 m2 in Lisbon....

Pinhal Novo Palmela apartment picture 154626

apartment Pinhal Novo


€ 104.400 Great buy in Pinhal Novo only 104400 euro. Buying a Apartment with a surface of 110 m2 in Setúbal....

Palmela Palmela house picture 154625

house Palmela


€ 83.940 House with splendid garden or terrain of 111 m2. For Sale house in Palmela. Buying a House with a...

Paio Pires Seixal house picture 154624

house Paio Pires


€ 152.820 Buying a House with a surface of 262 m2 in Setúbal. For Sale house in Paio Pires. House for...

Barreiro Barreiro apartment picture 154622

apartment Barreiro


€ 116.880 In Barreiro, apartment with 3 rooms. Buy this apartment in the region Barreiro. Great buy in Barreiro only 116880...

Santo André Barreiro apartment picture 154621

apartment Santo André


€ 98.580 Apartment for sale under reference LI6541. In portugal with postcode 2830-595 for sale splendid property. Buy this apartment in...

Setúbal Setúbal apartment picture 154620

apartment Setúbal


€ 72.900 For Sale apartment in Setúbal. In Setúbal, apartment with 2 rooms. Apartment with splendid garden or terrain of 81...

Ericeira Mafra apartment picture 154619

apartment Ericeira


€ 218.700 Apartment with splendid garden or terrain of 147 m2. In Mafra, apartment with 3 rooms. Great buy in Ericeira...

Quinta do Conde Sesimbra apartment picture 154618

apartment Quinta do Conde


€ 86.640 Buy this apartment in the region Sesimbra. Great buy in Quinta do Conde only 86640 euro. In Quinta do...

Setúbal Setúbal terrain picture 154629

terrain Setúbal


€ 1.200.000 Terrain for sale under reference LI2991. Terrain with splendid garden or terrain of 42750 m2. In portugal with postcode...




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