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Nac Imobiliária

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Rua do Almada 440/442 R/C
4050-034 Porto

properties from Nac Imobiliária

Canidelo Vila Do Conde apartment picture 4880

apartment Canidelo

Vila Do Conde

€ 110.000 In Vila Do Conde, apartment with 2 rooms. In Canidelo nice property for sale in Porto. Apartment for sale...


Castelões Penafiel house picture 4879

house Castelões


€ 350.000 For Sale house in Castelões. Buy this house in the region Penafiel. House for sale under reference 00083-M. Buying...

Rio Tinto Gondomar apartment picture 4877

apartment Rio Tinto


€ 139.000 In portugal with postcode 4435-841 for sale splendid property. For Sale apartment in Rio Tinto. In Gondomar, apartment with...

Porto Porto commercial picture 4876

commercial Porto


€ 75.000 Commercial with splendid garden or terrain of 61 m2. Commercial for sale under reference 00114-PRT. Buy this commercial in...

Canidelo Vila Do Conde shop picture 4871

shop Canidelo

Vila Do Conde

€ 400.000 For Sale shop in Canidelo. In portugal with postcode 4485-060 for sale splendid property. In Canidelo nice property for...

Porto Porto apartment picture 4867

apartment Porto


€ 93.500 Property in Porto (Porto) presented by real estate agent Nac Imobiliária. In Porto nice property for sale in Porto....

Lixa Felgueiras apartment picture 4866

apartment Lixa


€ 92.000 Apartment for sale under reference 00138-MT. Great buy in Lixa only 92000 euro. Property in Lixa (Felgueiras) presented by...

Foz Sousa Gondomar apartment picture 4865

apartment Foz Sousa


€ 80.000 In Gondomar, apartment with 2 rooms. Apartment with splendid garden or terrain of 125 m2. Property in Foz Sousa...

Canelas Penafiel terrain picture 4860

terrain Canelas


€ 675.000 Buy this terrain in the region Penafiel. Great buy in Canelas only 675000 euro. Terrain for sale under reference...

Sobreira Paredes apartment picture 4859

apartment Sobreira


€ 250.000 For Sale apartment in Sobreira. In Sobreira nice property for sale in Porto. Property in Sobreira (Paredes) presented by...

Reguenga Santo Tirso house picture 4858

house Reguenga

Santo Tirso

€ 325.000 Great buy in Reguenga only 325000 euro. Buying a House with a surface of 290 m2 in Porto. House...