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Tgb - Mediação Imobiliária Unipessoal, Lda.

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Rua Homem Cristo Filho, nº 71 - R/C
6385 Portugal

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Peredo Macedo De Cavaleiros house picture 154615

house Peredo

Macedo De Cavaleiros

€ 155.000 In Macedo De Cavaleiros, house with 3 rooms. Great buy in Peredo only 155000 euro. House for sale under...


Buarcos Figueira Da Foz house picture 154614

house Buarcos

Figueira Da Foz

€ 430.000 In Figueira Da Foz, house with 5 rooms. For Sale house in Buarcos. Property in Buarcos (Figueira Da Foz)...

Vidigueira Vidigueira house picture 154613

house Vidigueira


€ 155.000 In Vidigueira nice property for sale in Beja. Buying a House with a surface of 150 m2 in Beja....

Pedroso Vila Nova De Gaia house picture 154611

house Pedroso

Vila Nova De Gaia

€ 50.000 House for sale under reference 9002175. Great buy in Pedroso only 50000 euro. In portugal with postcode 4415-183 for...

Povolide Viseu house picture 154610

house Povolide


€ 44.500 Property in Povolide (Viseu) presented by real estate agent Tgb - Mediação Imobiliária Unipessoal, Lda.. In portugal with postcode...

Faro Faro house picture 154606

house Faro


€ 95.000 Buy this house in the region Faro. For Sale house in Faro. In Faro nice property for sale in...

Caia Elvas apartment picture 154605

apartment Caia


€ 100.000 Buying a Apartment with a surface of 60 m2 in Portalegre. In portugal with postcode 7350-426 for sale splendid...

Ribeira Coimbra terrain picture 154604

terrain Ribeira


€ 238.000 Great buy in Ribeira only 238000 euro. For Sale terrain in Ribeira. Terrain for sale under reference 2022209. In...

Vilar Lousada apartment picture 154602

apartment Vilar


€ 106.000 Great buy in Vilar only 106000 euro. Buy this apartment in the region Lousada. Apartment with splendid garden or...

Brotas Mora house picture 154599

house Brotas


€ 48.000 In Mora, house with 2 rooms. In Brotas nice property for sale in Évora. In portugal with postcode 7490-019...

Arraiolos Arraiolos house picture 154596

house Arraiolos


€ 90.000 Great buy in Arraiolos only 90000 euro. House with splendid garden or terrain of 455 m2. In portugal with...